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 ~| Liberty Gaming Official Rules |~

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PostSubject: ~| Liberty Gaming Official Rules |~   Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:41 pm

General Rules

1. Have fun!
"A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool." - Wikipedia, Game
2. Respect everyone.
That includes visitors, members and admins. Our members should make the server comfortable for our visitors, have a chat once in a while. A server is liked more when the admins are friendly and helpful.
3. Do not ever beg for a higher adminlevel. It's immature and you will mostlikely be removed from our clan.
4. Only English and Dutch are allowed in the main chat. Why only Dutch? Because a great part of our members are Dutch and can understadn what is said in the chat. If you're talking polish, how would we know if you aren't offending us?
If you want to use any language other then English or Dutch, use private messages (/m [name/player] [message]) or FireteamChat
5. Don't abuse your commands.
If you have a new command which you do not know what it does, use !help [command] to find out what it does.
6. You are allowed to swear, provided that it's not directed to other players. You must also not overdue.
7. Provoking behaviour to start a fight or annoying others is not permitted.
8. Hacks, cheats and any another third party programs which give you an advantage to other players are not permitted and will result in a permanent ban.
9. Do not spam. At any kind.
10. Do not abuse any bugs or glitches.
11. Are you a member of LG? Be active on the forum. The forum is the only place where the whole clan can join in together, from all of our separate servers. How can you get to learn your fellow members in other servers if you're only playing in one?
We're posting updates on news, funny facts and new events.
If you're inactive on the forum, people won't know you and you won't get promoted this fast.
12. Do not make sexual remarks at girls when they do not like that. We know it's exiting for some of you having a girl in our clan, but try to refrain from it.

Forum Rules:

1. Do not spam at any kind.
2. Do not use pornographic, sexual related or annoying material on this forum.
3. Offensive language is permitted, but keep it down.
4. You are not allowed to share viruses, hacks or any other third party programs on this forum. May result in a ban.
5. Advertising is not allowed, unless it's at administrator cause.
6. Post in the right forum.

Server Rules:

1. Walljumping is not allowed. May result in a !splat, !kick or !ban.
2. Spawnkilling IS allowed.
3. Selfkill in battle is not allowed!

Approaching policies

Rulebreaking punishment: We work with a zero tolerance system, so if you fuck up, it's your fault. The punishments we give totally depends on the person and his character. You might get kicked right after you abuse your commands, while somebody else might only get a demote.
Reporting policy: Post a topic with proof in our Report Abuse forum.
- In case of abuse of provoking behaviour, make some screenshots and/or record a demo of the player who's abusing/provoking.
- In case of hacks, record a demo and !finger the hacker if possible. !Finger him in Silent Commands (/!finger [playername/playerid]) or FireTeamChat (/say_buddy !finger [playername/playerid]). Only higher admins can use silent command, so try the FireTeamChat.
Name/tag policy: You're tags should contain the characters "LG" in white, the symbol "|" in the color of the crew you have joined and behind those your gaming name in your own favourite colors. These are the crew colors:
LG|Fearless Gaming Crew
LG|Fruity Loops

Inactivity policy: Inform us you're going to be inactive, or else we will demote or remove you from our clan after a period of inactivity.


-> These are guidelines. You do not have to obey them, we just recommend you to. (If you do not want to look like a total idiot or noob)

1. You should not whine each time you die. It makes you look like like a whining baby. '2v1'... Right, whatever dude.
2. You should not use binds which tell everything you do, that includes:
- Reloading binds
- Console binds
- Weapon binds
It's annoying, spamming and nobody really gives a sh*t.
3. Act mature, but have fun.
4. Read this topic once in a while, it might get updated.

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~| Liberty Gaming Official Rules |~

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