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 Complains and Abuse RULES. READ BEFORE POSTING!

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PostSubject: Complains and Abuse RULES. READ BEFORE POSTING!   Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:32 pm


If you got any complains or see a member abuse you ofcourse post here. But when someone abuses or insultind you, always try to have PROOF! Like screenshots or video's. How to make screenshots and Video's?

Open console:

If you wanna check the video's and/or Screenshots check at your ET files. When you wanna put in your post I would advise to use and upload your Picture. Click on the second link, and Paste in your post, that is what I do at least.

Without proof we can't do much stuff against the abuser/insulter. Sure thing the Abuser/Insulter can admit he did, but he can have proof against you. So please don't post without proof, or post when you did something insulting too, cause you can get punishment too.
I hope you don't have anything to post or something.

For Members:

When you Abused/Insulted on any way, and we find out you really did these things happen:

1. Warning
2. Demote
3. Kick from Clan

We dont tolerate extreme bad behaviour. Especially me! So watch it, and just have fun. That is the main rule of LG! Having fun.


LG's Mum.
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