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 FruityLoops Recruitment Rules

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PostSubject: FruityLoops Recruitment Rules   Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:35 pm

If you want to apply for the Fruityloops crew of Liberty Gaming, you have to do this:
- Make a New Topic, called: [your name] wants to join.
- Copy / Paste the following questions in your Topic and fill them in:

In game name:

XP on server:

Have you read the official Liberty Gaming Rules:

Do you accept the official Liberty Gaming Rules and will NEVER brake them:

Do you think you're mature enough to handle the commands / level we give you:

What language do you speak fluently:

Do you have Xfire:


- When you filled in the question, you wait for a high admin (Recruiter or Higher) to Accept or Decline you.
- Your try out will be 5 - 7 days, in this time we look how:
* Your gaming skills are
* If you can handle your commands and don't abuse them
* If you can communicate with other members / visitors

- You will always wear your Tags in the Liberty Gaming Servers.

- Your try out Tag will be LGT| ( Example: LGT|Mangler )
how to user color names ingame?
Example: ^7LGT^3|M^7angler
^7 = White
^3 = Yellow
- all other colours you can find >> here <<

- When you're accepted as Member, your Tag will be: LG| ( Example: LG|Mangler )

Enjoy your time on Liberty Gaming!

/ last updated : 21/09/2010


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FruityLoops Recruitment Rules

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